Construction System Management
for Innovation

「i-Constructionシステム学」 寄付講座

i-Constructionシステム学が目指すデジタル都市 (0)~(4)(堀特任教授)を追加



Integration of
latest technologies
for productivity

We aim to significantly improve productivity by integrating the latest information and communications technology, such as AI, IcT, blockchain, and 5G communication, into the construction industry. Additionally, we intend to establish information distribution networks that are consistent throughout the processes of project conception, design, construction, and maintenance, in addition to developing fundamental technologies to dynamically update data to people or robots.

research activities

Furthermore, we intend to conduct research activities that unite the civil infrastructure with precision engineering to develop technologies suitable for the construction industry, which involves a wide variety of industries and sectors. We aim to promote debate across disciplines by welcoming researchers from diverse industries and develop technologies/design institutions in “areas for cooperation” that are expected to become the industrial infrastructure.

Systematization of
research results and
development of an
education system

We plan to establish i-Construction System Studies to cultivate professionals capable of implementing and updating the developed systems. By developing an education system that allows one to study, we intend to support civil and mechanical engineers who are expected to be leaders of the era.


Purpose of the i-Construction System Studies endowed chairs

Our aim is to develop systems for implementing i-Construction that will allow productivity improvements to be made in civil infrastructure construction by using IT, IoT, spatial information processing technologies, and robot technologies in processes from the planning/surveying stage to the operation and maintenance stage. We will also establish i-Construction System Studies to cultivate professionals capable of implementing the developed systems.

Research subjects/tasks

The following tasks will be addressed for the purpose of developing systems for implementing i-Construction.

  • アイコン_インフラデータプラットフォームの開発とデータの利活用システムの開発

    Development of an infrastructure data platform and data utilization system

  • アイコン_スペックマネジメントシステムの開発と新構造形式の創出

    Development of a spec management system and the creation of new structural types

  • アイコン_サイバー空間における仮想建設システムの開発と新施工システムの創出

    Development of a virtual construction system in cyberspace and the creation of new construction systems

  • アイコン_サプライチェーンマネジメントシステムの開発と新市場の創出

    Development of a supply chain management system and the creation of new markets

  • アイコン_建設生産・管理システムの再構築と諸制度の在り方の提示

    Rebuilding of construction production/management systems and the presentation of institutional forms

  • アイコン_i-Constructionシステム学の体系化と教育システムの開発

    Systematization of i-Construction System Studies and the development of an education system