Short videos of the presentation at the 2020 Progress Report Meeting (in Japanese, subtitled in English)

We have uploaded short videos of the presentation at the 2020 Progress Report Meeting.
The presentations are in Japanese, however, these videos are subtitled in English.
For more details of contents, please watch the movies below.

Overviews of Activities in Laboratory on Construction System Management for Innovation :Kazumasa Ozawa

◆Session A
Research plan of developing infra-data platform :Muneo Hori
The research on the development of construction information in the construction phase :Kanae Miyaoka
Development of integrated river management system using infrastructure data platform :Toshihiro Kameda
Development and application of infrastructure data platform of buried pipes :Pang-jo Chun
Development of road management system utilizing infrastructure data platform and 3D model :Takahiro Matsumi
Development and utilization of an integrated platform for facility management: focusing on Mutsuzawa Smart Wellness Town :Hiroki Shibuya
◆Session B
Grasping river channel dynamics utilizing three-dimensional model :Keiya Fujiwara
Road design error case analysis and development of a design system utilizing 3D model :Takuya Kajiwara
The development of a system to support applications and permissions for road occupation using 3D model :Nobuyuki Oe/Kazumasa Koide
Development of product model geration method for temporary structure focusing on construction planning process :Fumiya Matsushita
Construction management support system for construction stage based on cyber physical system (CPS) :Tomohide Yuasa
◆Session C
Research and development of autonomous construction machinery system based on robotic technology :Keiji Nagatani
Research on operation simulation and automatic excavation of hydraulic excavators considering environmental information of construction sites :Ryosuke Yajima
Development of supply chain management system for construction industry using blockchain and smart contract :Fumiya Matsushita
Construction and Safety Management Using Robot and Sensor Information Processing Techniques :Atsushi Yamashita
Incident detection for construction sites using biological measurement of Workers :Shunsuke Hamasaki
Development of safety management system using 4D-model for construction works :Masanori Satou